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A little love from our fabulous clients!

Angie H. -
Huntington Beach, CA

"These masks were perfect for all of our bridal occasions. Planning a wedding in a pandemic has been stressful and different than we always imagined it would be, but these masks helped keep these moments special for my daughter and I!"

Tara M. -
Carmichael, CA

"Sarah at Spilled Ink is an absolute gem to work with! Very receptive and great at communicating! She helped me clean up the wording on my invitations and spent extra effort on finding just the right design I was looking for. She definitely gave my invitations the magical touch they needed and I am absolutely in love with the finished product!"

Paula B. -
Minneapolis, MN

"Exceptional custom piece. I had a vision for what I wanted and Sarah breathed life into it. Will be ordering again. Thank you!"

Katie H. - Irvine, CA

"Every cat and wine loving bride needs this glass!!! Such a clever idea and saying, and I can already think of another bride I want to gift this glass to!"


Voyage LA: Conversations with Sarah Spillard

"It took a couple of years to hone some skills, learn a bit more about the industry, and really feel ready, but once I made the decision to take the plunge, it’s been a busy and exciting journey!"

Love From Above: A Helipad Elopement

"Spilled Ink Calligraphy gave that touch of romance with her acrylic seating chart, written in gold lettering. The reception had a touch of elegance and class."

Dancing With Her

"When she invited us to do a styled shoot, we were at this point where we felt like we wanted to do something we wouldn’t normally do...To extravagantly put on our love on display in the middle of a pandemic sounded like it would feel just as freeing. And it was."

 San Diego Wedding Blog:

How Do You Like Them Apples? 

"This charming styled wedding shoot at the Julian Station - featuring the gorgeous red apples of Julian and inspiring images by XO and Fetti Photography - will inspire you to love them apples!

San Diego Wedding Blog:
Jungle Lux Styled Shoot

"To us this sssstunning (couldn’t resist) styled shoot honors the fact that although your recent wedding planning has probably been filled with your worst fears [cancellations, rescheduling, confusion, things out of your control, et al…] life can show you that if you make friends with the changes and the uncontrollable wild things and go with the flow - you will still end up with something very beautiful and special."

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