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Meet the face behind Spilled Ink!

Hello and welcome! My name is Sarah Donahue, owner of and calligrapher at Spilled Ink Calligraphy.

I've always had good handwriting. I've always had an artistic flair, I suppose. And I've always loved beautiful things. I began calligraphy specifically while living abroad, as a chance to try something new and to meet some new people, and I instantly fell in love. Since then I have been trying to branch out as much as possible, diversify my portfolio and skill set, and constantly try new things with my art! I especially love taking custom orders and helping someone's vision become reality, and like so many of us, I just LOVE weddings and any project that celebrates love!

I have a small home office that comes equipped with a lazy terrier under the desk, and happily ship to most locations, so if you have a project you're looking to add a little something extra to, let's connect!


A little more about me...


- cold weather

- Thai takeout

- traveling (15 countries and counting!)

- my adorable dog, Vinny

- falling down the TikTok rabbit hole

- Avengers movies (here's looking at you, Cap!)

- All things Disney! (I was a cast member for 10 years)

a crisp bottle of champagne


- that my dog still wakes us up at 6am, even on Saturdays

- when my houseplants all inevitably die (I'm just a pit stop for them on the way to plant heaven)

- being too old to really understand social media


Spilling It

With such a common first name, I've often gone by my last name (now maiden name) - Spillard. My senior year of college, there were SEVEN Sarahs in my sorority, so there was no other way to tell us all apart! Spillard, Spills, Spill Vanilli... I've heard it all!

I feel a huge connection to my name and was a little worried that getting married and changing it might impact that. But my husband is actually the one that coined "Spilled Ink" in homage; we're not even parents yet and he's already coming in hot with the dad jokes!

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